Parallel Testing

A service offered to the users of NarTest NTX2000 Drug Analyzer is parallel testing. This is not required by NarTest but is available for supporting the user in the testing of controlled substances. The parallel testing will give support to the user if circumstances of multi-drug combinations or low detection levels are encountered or the user wishes additional support in the identification. This is included in the purchase of the equipment and also in the service contract. Expert court testimony is part of this service for the support of the user and the department(s).

Parallel testing is the use of conventional forensic methods of testing unknown substances (drugs) using FTIR, GC/MS, microscopic crystal identification, extraction methods, thin layer chromatography (TLC) and standard color tests. These are the recognized methods used in any forensic laboratory throughout the US and the world.

The Morrisville North Carolina location is a fully License DEA Lab testing Facility.
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