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Nartest NTX2000 Drug Analyzer is a unique new product, a lab-in-the-box that brings drug detection down to minutes instead of days. Tests can be carried out on-site, anywhere from street environment to deep swamps. A great complement to forensic labs.

Compact and simple in use NarTest NTX2000 provides fast analysis of bulk drug sample. Few minutes are required to recognize such drug of abuse as cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, methamphetamine, marijuana, ecstasy or precursors for methamphetamine production. Minimal amount of substance, from 5 to 20 mg is necessary for reliable and precise detection of illicit drug in concentration range from 5% to 100% in street sample. Technology has been validated and used for more than two and a half years in US. Almost three thousand drug samples were successfully analyzed with NarTest NTX2000 in 16 US law enforcement departments. Device validation and testing of the device is ongoing in central crime labs of several European and CIS countries.

Key benefits

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Who needs it?

Our devices are widely used by security personell and law enforcement agencies worldwide as well as civil customers

How does it work?

We use state of the art comparison techniques which combined with exhaustive databases provide the most accurate resutlts
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Feature overview

Developed by the best experts in the field, NarTest NTX2000 includes state-of-the art technology and easy-to-use interface.
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