January 26. 2010 Distribution agreement with Lesker Trading

NarTest AS has signed an exclusive contract with Lesker Trading Co. L.L.C to be a Value Added Partner and represent NarTest product NarTest NTX2000 Drug Analyzer in the Middle East. 

About NarTest

NarTest is a leading manufacturer of drug analyzing instruments using spectral fluorescence signature technology to rapidly identify known drugs including marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, heroin and ecstasy. We make our affordable and accurate system available to law enforcement and drug interdiction agencies worldwide.

About Lesker Trading

LESKER TRADING is a UAE based organization established in 1980 and specialized in supplying an extensive range of products and services for public authorities and companies. Lesker Trading is recognized as one of the leading players and suppliers in the region for Forensic, Criminal Investigation and Law Enforcement products and services.